Banish Your Tan Lines with a Tan Through Swimsuit!

tan through swimming suitCan you feel the sun’s healthy tanning rays on your skin? Can you hear the waves lapping on the beach? Yes, spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. Start the season off right with an even, perfect tan. A tan through swimsuit will help you achieve this.

Safe and extremely comfortable, the porous fabric lets part of the sun’s rays through, giving you a natural tan all over, making you look and feel great.

Cooltan is our preferred supplier of these unique and durable swimsuits and sports wear. For your next vacation, pick up that bathing suit, bikini or men’s swimwear. The lightweight fabric means it not only packs easily but also dries fast. The microscopic pores in the weave keeps you cool on the hottest days. There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a tan through swimsuit or shirt.

Stay cool and let the sunshine in!

No Tan Lines on the Beach

The fabric is specifically designed to let you tan underneath your bathing suit, resulting in an even suntan with no visible tan lines. The secret is lightweight micro fibres woven with tiny pores to allow sunlight in. This fabric has an SPF of between 6 and 10 (darker colors increasing the SPF), giving you the protection of a light sunscreen while still tanning your entire body. Though light and airy, the unique construction makes it strong and versatile, and never see-through.

You have a great variety of styles and prints to choose from. From gorgeous tropical designs to solid colors, stripes and sexy animal prints, you will certainly find the perfect clothing for the coming summer.

Stay cool while playing golf!

Tan through blue golf shirt tan through red golf shirt for women Woman's tan through tee-shirt

Go ahead and play! Not only will you get a great tan, the fabric also keeps you dry and cool. Sports shirts in a variety of colors are available for golfing, sailing, or just relaxing. Because of the open weave construction, moisture quickly evaporates on the hottest days, leaving you cool and constantly refreshed. If the fabric gets wet it well quickly dry, so you don’t have to worry about remaining damp for the rest of the day.

COOLTAN Tan-Through Shirts and Swimwear

Cooltan’s clothing line uses the lightweight fabrics MicrosolV. This microfibre lets through sunlight like an SPF 6 sunscreen, protecting your skin while giving you an even tan.

Cooltan sells one piece swimsuits, two piece bikinis, swim trunks and racer-style swimsuits for men, and beach shorts in a variety of lengths, patterns and colors. Quality golf shirts, sarongs and other accessories are also available.

tan through bikini animal print 1 peice tan through swimsuit men's tan through black surf shorts