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Bedding and Swimsuits

From Your Swimsuit At The Beach To Cool And Comfortable Bed Sheets In The Bedroom

Being in close proximity to the ocean or any body of water brings forth calm, relaxing feelings that allows us to forget the daily grind and the little things that stress us out. So why would you want to worry about tan lines or waking up from a refreshing poolside nap to an uneven tan because of your swim suit? The newest technology in swimsuits allows the sun to penetrate the fabric for an even, no tan line tan, while providing a good level of sun protection. So now that your poolside or seaside slumber is in good hands, you can take your calm, serene self to bed and cuddle into your favorite cotton flannel bed sheet sets.

If your bed has the motion of the ocean, king sized waterbed sheets can make you feel like you’ve brought that vacation feeling home with you. While you are looking at the selection of bedding, why not try something new and maybe find a set of satin bed sheets to give your bed that home away from home feeling. There are also great selections of kid’s bed sheets and themed sheets like Harley Davidson bed sheets.

Tanning Not Just for Sun Worshippers!

There is a whole line of clothing that incorporates this no tan line fabric. There are different styles of shirts that can be worn for any activity that will keep you from becoming multicolored or striped. What you may want to have multicolored or striped is the kid’s bed sheets. This look is definitely more appropriate for bedding than it is on your body.

The polo shirts are great for everyday wear or for playing a quick 9 holes. The unisex collarless shirts are great for any sport activity or for casual wear. The women’s scoop neck can also be worn as casual wear or as a cover up to compliment the no tan line bathing suit.

American Chopper!

If you think of motorcycles, chances are Harley Davidson comes to the forefront of your brain. Classic American styling and a reputation of big the top dog of hogs, Harley Davidson is an icon. There are so many products that grace this well known logo, such as T-shirts, bandanas, bathing suits, and bed sheets. Harley Davidson bed sheets are perfect for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life. Get them a couple of no tan line shirts to keep him protected from the sun while cruising on his next road trip.

To Tan or Not To Tan?

Some of us are lucky and tan very easily and quickly. Then there are the others that seem to become more lobster-esque as they spend more and more time in the sun. Either way, sun protection is important for everyone. If you must tan, take care and use sunscreen and wear protective clothing. To make sure your tank tops, halter tops, and tube tops look great without having crisscrossing tan lines running all over the place. This is a major fashion don’t. Having an even toned perfect tan is almost impossible to get, but it is possible. You can tan topless, hit the tanning salon, or try a tan through shirt or bathing suit.

For a comfortable night’s sleep you can crank up your AC all night long, use a fan and open the window hoping for a breeze or change your bedding to something that will keep your body cooler like satin bed sheets.

Bed sheets and a great tan with tan through clothing can help keep your summer vacation feeling going all season long. What they can’t help you with is the end of summer blues.

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