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Stay cool in Microfiber Golf Shirts

Does this sound familiar? You’re playing a great round of golf, but it’s hot outside. So hot that your shirt begins to stick to you, impeding the movement of your swing. A cool drink doesn’t really helf, because your clothes are still damp. A perfect golf game turns into an uncomfortable afternoon of heat exhaustion. Is it time to quit? Of course not! You just need a few microfiber golf shirts.

The creator of Cooltan apparel had the same problem. So he came up with a lightweight but strong fabric that is designed to keep you cool. This new generation microfiber has twice the surface area of cotton, allowing moisture to evaporate three times faster than traditional shirts.

Tan through blue golf shirtThe weave is farther apart, resulting in thousands of tiny spaces, or pores, in the polo shirt to allow air through. The “breathable” fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, and will never drag on your golf swing. The result is hours of outdoor enjoyment while remaining cool and dry.

An extra benefit is a great tan, as the porous material that lets the heat out also lets a portion of the sun’s tanning rays in. The polo shirt protects you with the equivalent of an SPF 6 sunscreen, preventing a sunburn but giving you a controlled, even tan all over your body with no tan lines.

The next time you’re golfing or playing any outdoor sport in the hot sun, try a tan through shirt. You’ll always feel cool and comfortable, no matter where you play.

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