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What Are Tan Through Swimsuits?

The latest in bathing suit technology is tan through swimsuits. Introduced in the 1990’s, this swimwear has proved to be a wildly popular fabric with the beach crowd. The bathing suit is specially constructed with pores to allow the sun’s rays to reach the skin, allowing covered areas to tan and riding your body of tan lines.

If you’re worried about the dangers of the sun, the manufacturers have thought of this too. The weave is still close enough together to protect your skin, blocking out about half of the UV rays and giving the swimsuit the equivalent of an SPF 8-12 sunscreen. Wear a matching protective lotion to tan at the same controlled

men's tan through swimming trunksThe main suppliers of tan through swimsuits is Cooltan and Lifestyles Direct (formerly Solar Tan Thru). Lifestyles swimwear is a special combination of nylon and Spandex, woven with thousands of tiny pores to let about half the sun’s rays through. It gives the user an equivalent of an SPF 10 rating.

Cooltan uses a special microfiber called Microsol, a lightweight fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable. The fabric gives an equivalent of about an SPF rating of 6.

In both cases, the swimsuits are very strong microfibers, chlorine-resistant, dry quickly and let in the sun’s rays for an even suntan with no tan lines.

The fabric is not only for tanning. Cooltan began operations with the idea of a golf shirt to keep you cool during a hot day. Customers have reported the clothing to be the most comfortable they have ever worn. The same porous and lightweight material and the special construction to let the sun through also helps perspiration escape from the body, keeping you cool and dry.

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