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What Moisturizer Should I Use After A Day At The Beach?

Should I always moisturize and use a lotion after tanning? Does using a lotion really help to prolong and enhance your tan even if it is a normal lotion?
For me, seriously… there is no question about it! Oh, how I love the smell of coconuts, lime, and anything beachy! But that’s not my reason for using moisturizers. Below I will list some the best reasons you should ALWAYS moisturize!

Ok, alligator legs (just kiddin’). Let’s get rid of those scales and flakes or how about avoid them altogether! Did you know moisturizers are used to replace our natural skin oils? They cover all the tiny pores and cracks in the skin and provide a protective film. Evaporation of the skin’s moisture is slowed when you use a moisturizer. By using a really good moisturizer you will be increasing water content in your skin, helping it to retain water and reduce water loss.

suntan lotion1. Using Moisturizer Helps to Reduce Signs of Aging

Using a high quality moisturizer will help skin maintain its elasticity and reduce the unwanted signs of aging. Okay, we know aging is inevitable but people with dry, tight skin are more likely to have increased visible signs of aging than those with well moisturized skin. That’s enough reason for me to moisturize right there without going on to reason number two! But just in case you are not convinced….

2. Using Moisturizer After Tanning Keeps Skin Hydrated

You want healthy skin, right? Well, healthy skin needs moisture and tanning can sometimes be drying, taking some of the moisture out of the skin so it is important to replenish that moisture. Using a tan through bathing suit creates an even tan, but it also means your skin dries out everywhere. (Remember your pale skin in a regular bathing suit after a day at the beach? Ugly, but it felt softer to the touch. That’s because the water content in the unexposed skin was higher.) Consider using an after tanning moisturizer or a good overall natural blended body lotion.

Note: To keep skin in its best condition, take a shower after being out in the sun. This will remove oils, lotions and any dirt or salts that are on your skin. Be sure the shower is not too hot, and apply a good moisturizer after toweling dry.

3. Using Moisturizer Can Extend the Life of a Tan

When skin is dry, what do you think is next? Flaking. When you flake, the skin flakes off some of that tan you worked so hard to get!! Girl, (or guy) USE THAT AFTER TAN LOTION like you’ve been lost in the desert and just found water after 3 days! Keep than skin hydrated! This is so important in extending the life of a tan.

Chew on this: When you step out into the sun or step into the tanning booth your skin heats up and can become dehydrated. When your skin becomes dehydrated you have a greater chance of peeling, Please, please, please replenish the moisture that your skin has lost through the tanning process.

What’s in my moisturizer?

Emollients and soothing agents – that is, lubricating ingredients that soften and smooth skin while helping it to retain moisture. Such emollients can include plant and mineral oils, animal oils like mink and lanolin (sheep fat), shea and cocoa butter, petroleum jelly and silicones such as Dimethicone. Aloe, burdock root, licorice root, green tea, chamomile extract are also all soothing agents that are added to many moisturizers to keep skin from irritation.

AHA’s – Alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid or glycolic acid help reduce scaling and roughness of skin. AHA’s are commonly used in cosmetics that claims to reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging

Vitamins – Adding vitamins such as A, C and E, are still up for debate! Some experts believe these ingredients have the ability to heal and hydrate, while others say they are yet to find that these added vitamins have any topical effectiveness for the skin.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Firming EmulsionAloe Vera – Why is it so widely used? Many people use it to relieve sunburn, promote wound healing, soften and moisturize the skin. Some recent researchers have found aloe vera gel can even help stimulate the body’s immune system. Aloe vera’s healing properties have been known and used since ancient Egyptian times.

My favorites:

  • Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Emulsifying Lotion (with macadamia seed oil, olive fruit oil, dimethicone, shea butter)
  • Australian Gold Forever After All Day Lotion (with hemp seed extract)
  • Supre Rain Essential Moisturizing Lotion Antifade and Natural Bronzing Lotion for Tanners (with carob extract, papaya water, cucumber water)

Final Moisturizer Thoughts

Whether you tan or not, using a good quality moisturizer is a must! As an indoor or outdoor (natural) tanner; it is crucial to replenish the moisture in skin after tanning. Don’t wear an alligator apron for skin! Maintain your healthy skin with a great moisturizer and increase the longevity of that tan.

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