Get that perfect tan!

perfect tan in a tan through bikiniA perfect tan while wearing clothing? You bet! While you’re working or playing outside, you can achieve an even tan all over your body by wearing a tan through swimsuit or shirt. These fabrics are specially designed to allow a safe amount of the sun’s rays through, resulting in a suntan with no visible tan lines.

Most tan through beach wear has an SPF of between 6 and 10, meaning you have the protection of a light sunscreen lotion while still tanning your entire body. How is this done? Soft but strong micro fibre technology means a fabric woven with thousands of tiny pores to allow the sun to shine through. This gives the added benefit of a suit that’s comfortable and airy, allowing your skin to breathe. It will also dry faster after a swim, as the pores allow moisture to evaporate quickly.

To get a beautiful tan with your new tan through swimsuit:

  • Wear a matching sunscreen: Exposed skin will darken faster than in a suit. Wearing an SPF sunscreen of between 6 and 10 means you will tan at the same rate as unexposed skin.
  • Moderate your time in the sun: Especially if your skin is not yet dark, limit your exposure to the sun until you have a base tan. Darker skin is your body’s defense against UV rays.
  • It is possible to burn through your suit: Wearing your swimsuit is like wearing between a 6-10 SPF sunscreen. That means you can stay in the sun 6-10 times longer before burning.
  • Adjust the seams and straps while tanning: The seams and straps on your swimsuit are made of slightly thicker material. Occasionally adjust them for an even tan.
  • Wear a properly fitting suit: Loose-fitting or baggy swimwear will impede the tanning rays from passing through.

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