Women’s Tan Through Swimsuits

Tan through swimsuits for women – Look great with no tan lines!

The beach is calling, and you need a great tan. Instead of reaching for the lotion, try on a tan through swimsuit. Designed to let the sun tan your skin while keeping you cool and comfortable, this popular beach wear should be part of every woman’s wardrobe. From fashionable one-piece suits to sexy two-piece bikinis and tops, all in a variety of attractive patterns and colors, you will feel great while getting an all over tan.

Tan through swimsuits are specifically designed to let you tan underneath your bathing suit, resulting in an even suntan with no visible tan lines. Most beach wear has an SPF of between 6 and 10, giving you the protection of a light sunscreen while still tanning your entire body.

floral pattern tan through bikini tan through bikini tan through tankini

tropical tan through swimsuit floral pattern 1 piece tan through swimsuit tan through swimming suit

COOLTAN Tan-Through Shirts and Swimwear

Cooltan’s clothing line uses the lightweight fabrics Microsol and MicrosolV. This microfibre lets through sunlight like an SPF 6 sunscreen, protecting your skin while giving you an even tan. The fabric is fully machine washable and hang to dry. Because of the porous material, they will be dry by the time you wish to hit the beach the next morning!

Cooltan sells one piece tank and structured top suits, and two-piece halter-top/ Brazil bottom suits and string tops with Brazil or string bottoms. Matching shorts and sarongs are available for many styles.